Zenland Wallet

Zenland wallet is an internal wallet automatically created for each new user to pay the service fee for escrow and marketplace contracts deployed through the Zenland platform.


At the moment, Zenland is adding a $25 bonus fund to internal wallets to welcome new users aboard.

With it, you can try the escrow and marketplace services at no fee paid from your pocket. The balance appears at the top right on your first sign-in into the app.

Some of the cryptocurrencies Zenland wallet accepts include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, USDC, and its utility token ZENF.

Wallet top-up is simple and only requires a cryptocurrency wallet and one of the eligible tokens to make a crypto transaction.

The user enters the required amount in dollars clicks the button to add, selects the ZENF token, and clicks Transfer. Note, that the transaction must be confirmed and completed before the amount is added to your Zenland wallet.

For all other accepted coins except ZENF, the user must manually transfer the estimated equivalent of the amount in dollars by copy-pasting the amount and the transaction address from the top-up form to their Metamask, Coinbase, Binance or other cryptocurrency wallets they use. Then, as with all crypto transactions they approve and wait for confirmation.

Once the transaction is successfully completed, the amount is added to the balance the user sees in the top right corner. The history of top-ups and fee payments appears right on the wallet top-up form on the My Wallet page.

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