Zenland Fee Payer

Zenland fee payer is usually a single person, a Contractor (seller) or a Contractee (buyer), who pays the Zenland fee.

As an alternative option, both sides could split up the fee 50/50 (if agreed).

On the internal wallet on Zenland, a payer(s) must have a running balance equal (or more) to the fee to be paid.


Let's say you are a Contractee who is transferring $100 into the contract, and the Zenland fee is $1.75.

If you agree to be a Zenland fee payer, your internal wallet balance cannot be less than $1.75. Likewise, if the fee payer is a Contractor. If you agreed to split 50/50, then both of you should have at least $0.88 on internal wallets.

Important! Note that the Zenland fee can only be paid by the payer(s) as agreed in the contract terms. If the parties agreed to split the fee, both Contractee's and Contractor's internal wallets must have the due amount.

Otherwise, the contract cannot be deployed (published) to the selected blockchain network.

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