Zenland Contract

Zenland contract is a smart contract agreement between two people, a Contractor (Seller) and a Contractee (Buyer), for the delivery of a product(s) or service(s).

Just like any formal agreement, a smart contract contains:

  • the two sides signing the agreement, a "Contractor (seller)" and a "Contractee (buyer)";

  • the object of the contract, which should be described in the "Contract name" field;

  • the agreed conditions such as the total price of the service/product (a.i. agreed amount), and its desired quality/completion (see Contract details);

  • the date and time of contract creation and its delivery, a.k.a. the due date;

  • the time needed for a Contractee (buyer) to verify the purchase before releasing the payment, known as "buyer protection time";

  • the service fee paid for the creation of a contract agreement.


Understanding the key terms of the Zenland contract is important to fill out the contact form correctly. It should be done in a way that is clear and understandable for both a Contractor and a Contractee.

Some fields like "Contract name" or "Contract details", while optional and not required to fill out, become necessary when a dispute agent is called to resolve disagreements over the contract.

Below is a detailed description of the key terms that you will see on the "New Contract" form (inside your account). We suggest you review them again if filling out a contract form seems difficult.

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