Draft State

The draft state is the default state of the Zenland contract when the contract has been created but is yet to be deployed (published) to the blockchain.

As every contract state involves certain action(s) taken by the party (or both parties), the draft state requires:

  • the creation of the contract by either party,

  • the approval of the contract terms by both parties.

For more information refer to "What is Contract Action".

This is the only contract state when any of its conditions can be edited until both parties reach an agreement. Such conditions may include the contract due date, the buyer protection time, or other details of a new contract. It is important that parties discuss and mutually agree on all terms of the created contract before it enters the next state - the deployed state.

Contract participants, the Contractee (buyer) and the Contractor (seller), are recommended to use a Contract Chat for all communication relevant to the contract.

This keeps the details of the deal in one place, readily available to both parties at any time, and prevents confusion.

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