Complete is the action taken by the Contractor (seller) once the conditions outlined in the contract terms have been fulfilled. This action activates buyer protection time needed to receive and review the delivery.

The contract completion is normally done within the due date, upon which the Contractee (buyer) expects to receive the order.

This is a blockchain transaction* that changes the contract state to fulfilled. The transaction is time-stamped and can be traced through the Contract Chat.

Upon mutual agreement, the completion can be delayed beyond the due date specified in the contract terms. The parties may reach an agreement via the Contract Chat, or otherwise.


If you are unable to fulfill the contract conditions before the due date, notify the Contractee as soon as possible. Once the due date has passed, the other party will be able to open a dispute.

You can learn more about the disputes and their settlement here.

Also, the Contractor must specify the order fulfillment details when confirming completion. This helps avoid misunderstandings between the parties upon receival of the product/service. Also, it provides additional evidence in case of dispute.

Good to know

As with all contract actions, it is processed by nodes (individual computers) of the blockchain network and has a gas fee.

More on gas fees and why they exist can be found in "What is Network".

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