Buyer Protection Time

Buyer protection time is hours/days needed for Contractee (buyer) to check the quality of the product/service received.

During this time a Contractee is not required to pay (release) the agreed amount from the contract, but can if satisfied with the product/service received.

This time is agreed upon between a Contractee and Contractor (seller), and cannot be changed (or extended) once the contract becomes active.

Buyer protection time starts only after a Contractor delivers a service(s) or product(s) and confirms it.

A Contractor should confirm the delivery of the service/product no later than the agreed due date.

A Contractee will be able to open a dispute:

  • if the deadline has passed, but the delivery has not been confirmed,

  • if a Contractee finds issues with the purchase during buyer protection time.

If buyer protection time has ended, and a Contractee did not release funds or open a dispute, the Contractor has the right to release them on its own.

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