ZENF Token

Zenland Fee (ZENF) is an ERC-20 utility token primarily used to pay the Zenland fee for using the escrow and marketplace services on the Zenland platform. Part of the ZENF tokens returned in service fees will be burned to increase the value of tokens by decreasing their number in circulation.

In addition to its use as a payment along with other major altcoins, ZENF tokens are used to reward early adopters and Zenland community members. Standard token benefits include early access to new smart contracts, participation in liquidity pools and stakings, launchpad sales, etc.

Finally, to reward ZENF token holders, a snapshot taken at the time of the Zenland governance token mint will reserve such holders priority access to its DAO TGE.


As of now, the use of the ZENF token is incentivized by the 50% bonus credited to the user’s internal balance. This allows anyone to try the escrow tool for free.

For more information about the token and its distribution see Tokenomics. For more on how to use the ZENF token to pay the service fee refer to Zenland Wallet.

Bridge ZENF Tokens

The ZENF token is initially minted on the Ethereum blockchain, from where it can be bridged to five different blockchains. Below are the contract addresses for ZENF on each respective blockchain:

To facilitate the bridging of ZENF tokens across these blockchains, utilize the following platforms:

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