Contract Chat

Contract chat is a separate chat designed for all interactions between the two parties entering into an agreement. By nature, the chat is synced with the specific smart contract it refers to. This ensures safe and easy updates on all actions and states the Zenland contract goes through.

The contract chat is uniquely different from a regular chat or a messaging app.

  • Chat messages and updates cannot be intentionally deleted or hidden by one of the parties, or both.

  • No third party except direct participants of the contract can view the chat.

  • The chat messages are time-stamped to ensure the logical order in which they appear.

  • The chat automatically saves and displays all contract actions taken by either side.

  • Contract chat is immediately updated on the contract state if any changes are made to it.

  • Chat details such as messages or URL links (if any), cannot be deleted or edited.

  • Like a folder, the chat stores the updates and details of a particular case in one place.

  • Every new contract will have its own contract chat to prevent confusion on the agreement terms.

  • Once the contract has been fulfilled and its state changes to executed, messaging is disabled.

Like a mirror, the Contract Chat reflects any changes made to the contract terms by the Contractee (buyer) or the Contractor (seller). It can also be used by the parties to discuss the terms and details of the agreement or settle disputable cases.


To prevent the parties from intentionally altering important information for self-interest, chat messages cannot be edited or deleted.

Even greater importance the Contract Chat may have in case of dispute escalation when the Zenland Agent* is called to resolve the case.

It supplies the Agent with the necessary details on the case to make the right decision. For it to remain unbiased and fair for both parties, the Contract Chat is the only way how parties can provide the evidence to support their claims.

Good to know

*Zenland agent is a contract-neutral third party, a verified individual who signs an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and is trusted with the case.

Read agent-assisted disputes in detail in the "Invite an Agent" chapter.

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