Contractee, also referred to as the buyer, is the person who pays for a product or service to another person, a Contractor (seller).

A Contractee is also the person who deploys (publishes) a contract into the blockchain.

Then, transfers (sends) the funds* into the contract to activate it.

It is also a Contractee (buyer) who releases the funds from the contract after the Contractor completes the agreement conditions.

If you are buying a product/service the address of your cryptocurrency wallet** must be entered under Contractee (buyer).

Good to know

*Funds are the agreed amount of cryptocurrency tokens that should be paid to the Contractor according to the contract terms.

**Cryptocurrency wallet is an app (web, desktop, mobile) or a physical device that stores your public and private keys. Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and Trustwallet are among the most used crypto wallets. Each wallet has its unique ID known as a wallet address.

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