Zenland Fee

Zenland fee is a service fee for a single contract creation that is paid directly from your internal wallet on Zenland.

There is no fixed charge (even on smaller amounts). Thus, the Zenland fee could be as low as $0.02.

The fee is paid by the Zenland fee payer(s) before the contract is deployed (published) to the blockchain network.

Zenland fee is calculated as a percentage of the agreed amount transferred (paid) into a contract.

However, this fee percentage decreases as the number of cryptocurrency tokens transferred into the contract increases.

This is done to keep the smart contract service affordable for both cheaper and more expensive deals while covering operating costs.

Depending on the contract terms, the Zenland fee can be paid by a single payer (the Contractee or the Contractor) or split 50/50.

To pay it, the Zenland fee payer must deposit funds to have a sufficient running balance on their internal wallets. Both deposited and spent amounts can be seen in the wallet history.

Note that while the Zenland fee is paid during the deployment stage, it is a separate internal operation that does not influence the contract state. If the fee has been deducted from the internal wallet but the contract deployment has failed for any reason, repeat deployment would not require a Zenland fee.

Thus, the Zenland fee won't be paid twice.

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