Invite an Agent

Invite an Agent is the next action taken by either party in case of dispute escalation. Note, only this action requests to allow third party, other than the two parties who entered into agreement, access the contract. Even the dispute action itself does not allow a third person to get involved with the case.

Inviting an Agent suggests that Contractee (buyer) and the Contractor (seller) have failed to reach an agreement. In rare cases, the agent's help is requested when one of the sides does not respond to chat messages, emails, etc.

Zenland agent is a contract-neutral third party, a verified individual who signs an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and is trusted with the case. To ensure unbiased resolution and case anonymity, voted agents are assigned to cases at random. The decision of which agent to assign will be voted by the community (DAO)*.

Unlike the escrow service agents, Zenland agents are not permitted to solve, or influence, the case in any way until invited by one of the parties. Once invited, the agent reviews the case based on the details in the contract terms and the Contract Chat.

The agent will request the parties to explain and support their claims with the evidence. Both sides can provide screenshots, photos, receipts, etc. as evidence. Not providing the information on time, or neglecting the situation, may have an impact on its outcome.

Depending on case complexity, the agent fee varies between 1% and 3% of the contract balance, a.i. the agreed amount. Upon case resolution and funds distribution (the only allowed action for Agents), the fee is deducted from the contract balance. Aside from this fair assistance fee, the escrow contract code does not allow any backdoors to unfairly profit from the contract balance.


Invite an agent only after failed attempts to reach out and settle the disagreements. Inviting an agent grants the assigned agent full access to the fund's release and requires both sides to accept its resolution. Meanwhile, both parties revert their rights over the contract.

Good to know

It is a blockchain transaction that makes calls (requests) to the contract to allow third-party access and has a gas fee.

More on gas fees and why they exist can be found in "What is Network".

*Zenland DAO will be formed as we are moving from beta and as more unsettled cases emerge. Once formed, DAO members will be in charge not only of dispute settlements but of other Zenland commitments and milestones.

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